Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stash Report Sunday June 3, 2012

Fabric Added: 1 yard won in blog hop plus scraps for red and white graduation quilt.
Fabric Added in May: 13 yards
Fabric Added in June: 1 yard plus scraps
Fabric Added YTD: 22.5 yards
Fabric Used: .75 yard binding for LLL wall hanging
Fabric Used in May: 12 yards
Fabric Used in June: .75 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 60 yards
Stash Reduction: 22.5 yards mmm this number is slowing decreasing!
This week went by very quickly with lots of activities happening. 
  Monday, DH and I traveled to Marksville and ate lunch.
  Tuesday, I traveled to BR and sewed with Glenda, Ann, and friends.
  Wednesday, we took care of insurance concerns and I visited with my little sister. 
  Thursday, we went exercise and then I dropped off DH at casino while I went to the QGA guild meeting. 
  Friday, we drove to Maurepas to pick up my hand quilting frame so I can work on Halloween Graduation for DGD#2. It will now be a graduation/birthday gift so goal is to have all parts done by October 5th.
Coming along nicely!
  Saturday, DH and I spent the morning building one wall of the screened area I want on the side of the house.  Somewhere I measured wrong by 1/4 inch too much. We were not deconstructing! How I wished for a wood planer to remove that quarter inch. After the wall was where it needed to be, DH and I went to Lowe's to pick up 2 lattice panels for the front and side walls we have already built. 
  Today we were going to screen the front section, but my yellow hammer disappeared. I think someone didn't want to work today since they know I don't use any hammer but that one. LOL 
  So instead, I will bind. DD#1 sent me home with 3 quilts to bind: 1) a wall hanging she made for her children's school; 2) a quilt she quilted for Dottie; 3) a scallop edged quilt - I even have to make the bias binding for that one which I have never done before. Stepping out of my box and grabbing hands-on helpers.
  My prediction is that there will very little stash reduction next week too. Why very little sewing? Tuesday DGD#2, DH, and I are going to New Orleans and will be staying until Thursday evening. DGD#2 wants to go and act like a tourist visiting all the sites and taking pictures. Sounds hot to me (fun will be watching DGD#2 having a great time!), but what DGD#2 wants DGD#2 gets! I plan to pack lots of water and gator aid or something like that and lots of sun screen. 
  As for enhancement next week, well, fabric is just falling into my stash even without me going to the LQS or buying online. So if you want to send any true red and white scraps my way, I will add them to the collection for DGD#1's college graduation quilt. Actually I haven't met a color or fabric yet that was turned away. LOL Thursday there will be a trip to Mes Ami as a reward for sweating! Who knows what delights will come home with me!
 Well back to binding!
Lator Gators. Keep making Lemonade out of life's Lemons!


  1. Have fun in New Orleans, If you get lost, call me and I will commiserate. I won't be able to help, but I can make sympathetic sounds! LOL.


  2. We arrived in Baldwin yesterday - I bet you're driving right by me Tuesday on your way to NO! Please let me know when your guild meeting is. If I remember right it's near the end of the month. I'm hoping I get to come this time! blessings, marlene

  3. Very busy week. Hopefully you'll use up more stash.

    I am a bit confused by your stash numbers, but then again math isn't my strong suit.