Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stepping Out of My Cave into A Bowl

   Today is a RESTing Day.  This has been a fast pace week with each day(Monday-Thursday) having more to do than the one before.
     Monday, we cleaned house and went exercise. I also decided to step out of my cave/box to try something NEW and SCARY for me. I joined a Blog Hop presented by !Sew WE Quilt! called Bowls with Borders. This is a big step for this cajun gal! But I guess you have to come out of your cave every once in a while to experience the world; besides who can refuse an invitation for Madam Samm. My day is August 16. I surely hope I can pull it off.
     Tuesday, I picked up DGS#7 on my way to BR for a sew day. We had to stop for boudin along the way. Glenda was helping a group of ladies construct duffle bags. Mine is made from left-over Halloween fabric and may be either sold at KS Guild's Quilt show or used to hold DGD#2's quilt. We will finish it next week, I hope!
     Wednesday, we went to doctors' offices. Good news there is that conditions have not gotten much worse. Then we went exercise after all the little errands between home and the doctors.
     Thursday, I saw myself coming and going. I picked up Dottie and drove to QGA meeting. There I had the awesome opportunity of meeting Marlene. (Thanks for coming to the meeting! Hope we can meet again with more time to visit.) After the meeting, we went eat lunch at a local spot. Then back to the meeting place for demos. First was on how to make a block whose name I can not spell. Then I did a demo on how to make your own printable sheets using Faux BJS. After my demo, I drove Dottie home and picked up the bias ruler on my way home. Picked up DH and headed to BR. This entailed a stop at the casino for the lantern they were giving away and a stop for boudin for DD#1. Dropped DH off at BR casino and drove to meeting. Whew! I was tried. Then after the meeting picked up DH and drove home.
Just words needed & quilting
baby quilt needs border
     Friday, we went pay insurance on motor home, ate lunch, cleaned sewing studio, and took nap while waiting for Pam to arrive. When she did, we sewed on a wedding wall hanging and baby quilt. They are both at that aha stage. Wall hanging needs words embroidered and baby quilt needs a dusty pink or green border. A visit with Pam always includes a visit to Vidrines for steak. mmm mmm good!
   Today and tomorrow I will rest and quilt on Saint Stars or travel with DH. If I get energetic, I will work on QGA lotto blocks or if pattern for bowls arrive, I will start stacking.
Well, back to resting!
Lator Gators! Remember it is Mind Over Matter - if you don't Mind then it don't Matter

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  1. You deserve a rest! I will have to check out that bowls with no no....I don't need another project, really!

    See ya soon!