Friday, June 22, 2012

Best Laid Plans Flop!

(posted from iPad with no camera!) This weekend DH bowls in the Louisiana State Tournament. So I started the check list on Tuesday. Oops, nothing worked so off to the repair center we go. We blew fuses. So got it back Thursday and were told that everything working great. So started check list again and things seemed ok. So packed up dogs this morning and we headed east. Everything was going great We arrived at bowling lanes and I realized we were just blocks from Bright Hopes Quilt shop. What a plus! Then I tried to put ac on - nothing happened. So put in a call to repair person with no answer. sweat is a pouring and dogs are a panting. So I called Abita Springs RV Resort for a spot on the point. They had our spot so off we went. The camp ground is only 15 miles from lanes so all is still good.Right? We get to the camp ground and plug in. Ac groans but won't kick on. Ok now what? Well, there is a good cool breeze off the lake and we have a fan. Besides Walgreens is only 5 miles so we can get more fans. So we will just camp old style in a motor home. We have a shower, lights, refrigerator, music, Internet, and fans for cooling. Tomorrow I will drive DH to lanes and come back to resort. Then go pick him up later that afternoon. Dogs will be hot but ok. I will be hot but ok. DD#1 will come with DGD#3 and swim so I will have company. Sunday he doesn't bowl until 2 at a different lane so we will play that one by ear. Probably with dogs and I sitting outside in shade with a fan blowing I hope! One day at a time. I should have left dogs at home like I first thought to do! Oh well, as DH always tells me - It is mind over matter, If you don't mind it don't matter. Lator Gators! I am back to modern day roughing it.


  1. I'm so sorry the air isn't working - it gets really hot in our 5th wheel in the day time. :( I'm still planning to go to the guild meeting Tuesday morning - will you be there? blessings, marlene

  2. Oops, guild netting changed to last Thursday of month so on Thursday June 28th. Yes, I will be there God willing. I will be excited to meet you!

  3. I am in Houston, chilling at one of the largest quilt shops I have ever seen......thinking of you sweating tonight in my cool hotel room!!!!!

    Love to dogs....