Friday, August 10, 2012

Rain Report

The rain has slowed down after a disastrous downpour. 
 After looking for the correct tools to drain the bed w/o success, DH decided to try the old fashion method. You know, the way idiots would get gas... sucking on one end of a hose with the other stuck in the tank! Well, it didn't seem to work so he put the hose still attached to the bed on the floor & went off to find a new method aka a pump.       
  Well, it did indeed work...all over the floor in two rooms! I can tell you two things....1) floors now squeaky clean and 2) no dry towels in this house! LOL Bed water drained in the bathtub for 2 hours and  is about 50% empty or is that full?  
  Do you know how to get a sweet slow DH to think/move faster? We spent the night each on a couch and we both woke with headaches. Want to bet that he will have a bed we can both sleep in tonight.LOL 
  DH's idea now is to add air to the mattress water included & see if he can find the hole. My problem is rot and mold will happen if the water under the mattress is left there. Neither of which I want to deal with! So  we still need to find a way to get rid of the remaining 50% and lift the mattress.   But DH has to see for himself that something won't work which usually only causes more work later. (Side note: After trying it, he figured out what I told him was true.LOL)
  Getting the mattress out and repaired is his part b/c my part is the cleaning etc. Restoration will be a long process probably lasting the whole weekend and beyond b/c the bed needs to be drained, disassembled, moved, dried, floor cleaned, bed reassembled, and a mattress established hopefully my stabilized water mattress which is beyond comfortable. 
  Well, with every rainstorm there is a rainbow if you look for it!
  My rainbows are:
   1) Air conditioner is fixed!
   2) DH's pacemaker was tested yesterday and it has a 100% working order and no signs of use.
  3) DH's kidney doctor was excited about his numbers since all are progressing towards where they should be! His blood pressure numbers were lower than ever before even with this going on.
   4) My floors are getting mopped with corners cleaned to perfection. Very light rainbow.
   5) Not having to buy fabric but still getting fabric is the pot of gold.LOL I won a Birds & Berries jelly roll from the Fat Quarter shop to add to Indian Summer Charm Pack Plus from This & That Fabrics and the Java jelly roll won in July & August. I just love getting fabric in the mail! 
  The thunderstorm on the horizon is my skin condition is highly irritated to the point of pain due to the stress. I can't find my turmeric! I am off to find turmeric so I can deal with life w/o irritation.
 Fun Fun Fun! I have said time and time again that life here is entertaining and never boring. I see your smiles! Can you see my cockeyed grin?
 Lator Gators!  Remember it is mind over matter...If you don't Mind it don't Matter.


  1. I do hope you find the leak soon and can relax on a nice, comfy mattress! That is not a good way to mop your floors!

    1. We are working hard trying to achieve that. Well, the good Lord sometimes makes decisions for you that you have been putting a spring cleaning of our suite. Now it has to be done! LOL

  2. Years ago our waterbed had a minor leak, nothing like yours (grin). And it was easier to just get a new liner. They're not that expensive.

    Hope you get things dry soon!!