Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wondering August 30

Outside the window...Isaac is blowing the trees around and around.
I am thinking... why do you miss things you don't use when they aren't available.
I am thankful for...children and friends are safe and I have electricity and the internet.
I am remembering...the last hurricane we sat thru.
I am missing...listening to weather reports from TV.
I am sew today.
I am hoping...Glenda's & DD#1's damages are not too bad.
I am looking forward to...the class on September 9th.
I am listening to...the sounds of hurricane.
I am wishing...for less strife in this world.
I am currently reading...blogs.
One of my favorite things...butter pecan ice cream. 
I am amazed...that none of the trees fell down.
I wonder...when all of this will be over?
zipper & pockets

blocks for swap
Margo Purse
Later Gators! Remember if you don't mind, then it don't matter.


  1. Hmmmm. I just put two comments on here. Let me try again! Glad everyone did ok with the storm. We just lost two cap shingles and Frank will re nail them when the roof is no longer slippery. No leaking. That is good.

    How did Dorothy do in Maurepas. My thoughts have turned to her family as I watch the news.


    1. Stupid blogger, it took me 7 tries to get the word verification