Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stash Report Sunday, September 2, 2012

Snap coin purse
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added in August: 24.75 yards
Added YTD:  81.75 yards 
Used this Week: .125 yards (2 swap blocks & snap coin purse)
Used in August: 23.5 yards
Used YTD: 127.535 yards
Stash Reduction: 45.91 yards
     My goal for 2012 was to add less than 100 yards and I am not doing well on that front since I have added about 10.25 yards a month. 4 months at that rate will be 120+ yards added so I have to slow down. On the other front, this month I added only 1.25 yards more than I used so I am very happy with my usage this month. I wanted to reduce my stash by 50 to 75 yards and I am very close to the lower end of that goal. When I complete Saint Stars and Halloween, that goal will be attained.
     Now to reach my goal, I have to stay out of quilt shops until Festival and then limit my fabric purchases to less than 20 yards.  I can do this.
   Judy L's UFO for September is #11 Round Robin Top. All I have to do is find it, make a back for it, and send it to DD#1. It may be there a while since Isaac left lots of water to be dealt with and took out the electricity for much of the surrounding area. They had phone and Internet until Friday, but I still get texts from her so I am not frantic and trying to drive to Maurepas to check on them.
Road out?
tree on power lines
studio ready to float
     They have to remove trees from driveway and water has to go down before anything can change.  The closest highway is closed on both sides of them so there is no way to get to their road as of Friday. DD#1 and her family were using a boat to go down the road to check on neighbors and the local store. DD#1 just takes it in stride. She looks at all that is still safe...children, pets, house, fabric, mid-arms, & hubby. 
     For Katrina, she had only 1/2 a house left when the storm was over. They didn't have electricity and when they finally got it, her family of 6 lived in 3 rooms. So to her this is nothing too much to be concerned about. My daughter is a strong woman who deals b/c she knows it will all be right in the end. Such Faith! With 2 generators for power, she is dealing day by day and learning to do hexies. She is making a black and white star while waiting to get outside for the clean up. 
      My heart goes out to all the people who are displaced due to all the rain water dumped on them when the levee was breached. I just can't imagine surviving a hurricane and then having to deal with  high water caused by man- I would be freaking out big time. 
Lator Gators! Remember Mind over Matter. If you don't Mind, then it don't Matter. DD#1 is an example of how true that is!


  1. Everything is dry now except driveway. It's a mess from all the standing water.

  2. is all the water gone now? I'm glad you are ok:)