Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Wonderings

Outside the breezes are blowing.
I am thinking...only 25 more paperweights to go

I am thankful quiet time in morning with coffee and blogs.
I am workout partner
I am quilt on Saint Stars for 1 hour today.
I am see my grandson this next week.
I am looking forward to...LSU game Saturday.
I am listening to...the sounds of silence.
I am wishing...a magic genie would come clean my house inside and out.
I am currently reading...blogs as part of my morning routine.
One of my favorite things...quiet time in the cool mornings
I am husband got up before 11am with no where to go. I think I prefer him sleeping b/c he disturbed my quiet time with tv and talk.
I wonder...what the weekend will bring.
     Last night was Krewe of Quilters guild night. There are now 40 ladies in that group and what a diverse group of quilters. Show and Tell was unbelievable. 
      For the program, Connie E. show how to line-up sashing perfectly every time. It was a simple but effective method. 
My Protector!
     Later that night Ama started barking and would not stop. DH went out to see what had her so disturbed. She still didn't stop barking so I went see what was up.  It seems a poor possum made the mistake of coming into her yard. This was not a small possum but one about the size of Leeapaul or Lilly. 
     At first, Ama was trying to herd it back to the hole it came thru. The possum decided to hiss and lunge in my direction and that was all Ama needed to go into protective mode. She quickly dispatched that possum and picked it up heading towards me to show. DH had a fit when she picked it up and brought it to me. It took about 15 minutes for me to calm Ama down and for DH to remove the now dead possum from the yard. 
     Ama is heck on snakes and any other stray animal that gets into her yard or threatens me. 
If Ama is barking, then someone needs to go see why b/c usually something is up.
Well, Lator Gators! Remember if you don't mind, then it don't Matter. 

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  1. Bonnie Doon was my opossum dispatcher. She had three to her credit, and we live in the middle of the city!