Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Walking Geema!.

Fall days mean walks with Ama. Only sometimes I don't know who is walking whom. Ama loves the cooler weather so she just trots down the road and I try to keep up. One day, I may invest in a wagon and pulling harness. It is after all what Huskies are bred to do! We did 2 miles in less time than it usually takes me to do 1. Except for the 2 sets of very large dogs that she wanted to play with and the donkeys she wanted to investigate, it was an uneventful walk. 
  Lator Gators! I am back on the pain meds...it seems the shingles are doing an encore. But if you don't Mind, then it don't Matter! 


  1. With her and niko pulling ur buggy you could probably go faster than driving. Lol

  2. Fast mIles still count!!! Great picture though. McGee is heart worm positive so he might be here a whole longer than we thought.


  3. Oh, Charlene! I'm so sorry you've got shingles. Brad had a very mild case last spring. He was very fortunate and we both had the shingles immunizations. Hope you're feeling much better soon. I have two labs - one yellow, one black. Maybe my pack could pull me in a cart......hahaha.