Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Outside the window...RAIN coming down very hard and temperatures dropping rapidly.
I am thinking...I am up way too early!

I am thankful for...my DH even if he has a different sleep cycle than I do.
I am missing...sleep and two 2 1/2" green squares.
I am going...to finish my Holiday Lane project for Thursday, November 29th. Hope you will come back then.
I am hoping...DGS#7's ankle isn't too bad.
I am looking forward to...finishing all my Christmas gifts.
I am listening to...DH's snores
One of my favorite things...hot coffee and banana nut bread in the morning.

I am currently reading...blogs as part of my morning routine.
I am wishing...a magic genie would come correct my cutting errors and/or find those two 2 1/2" squares so I can finish those lotto blocks
. I've been rubbing that lamp alot lately!
I am amazed...at the amount of fabric hidden in the studio closet.
I wonder...where those two 2 1/2" squares went!

Stash Report 
Added Fabric: .5 yards
Used Fabric:  .5 yards for lotto blocks
Added Fabric for November: .5 yards
Used Fabric for November: .5 yards
Added Fabric YTD: 123 yards
Used Fabric YTD: 138.5 yards
Stash Reduction: 15.5 yards

Design Wall:
   I have been working on lotto blocks and Holiday Lane for the last two weeks. Holiday Lane only needs to be put together and stuffed. But the lotto blocks are not doing too well!
  Last week I cut my green incorrectly - instead of cutting four 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 rectangles...I cut eight 2 1/2 squares. I put them aside while I worked on the other 5 knowing that my brain would figure out what to do as I worked. It did...two squares sewn together makes 1 rectangle. So now that I am ready to sew this last block...I can only find 6 of the 8 squares. My studio has been turned upside down and inside out to no avail. Where-ever those squares are, they are saved/hidden well.
  We went to DD#1's house on Saturday to watch DGS#7 play basketball and while there she taught me how to make a table runner with my 60 degree ruler. It took me 45 minutes from start to finish even fighting with her machine. Now I just have to quilt it and it will go in the sale box.

I have been also binding this quilt for the QGA Christmas party in December. I just love the way the back looks with the off center line and falling leaves. 
   I am behind with my swaps so Friday, I will try to catch up on October Bee, November Bee, and December Swap. I also need to start making my Christmas gifts. I sure hope there are 28 days left between Friday and Christmas b/c I can make about 75% of a gift per day and I have 10 gifts to make. I think that this turtle had better speed up and not give in to her Quilters ADD  OR make pillowcases/towels for everyone this year instead of purses, pillowcases, towels, duffles, etc. Maybe even consider gift cards - naw that doesn't have much Christmas Spirit but it is quick, easy, and painless and teens love them! MMMMM this will have to be thought hard about...NOT. 

Lator Gators! I got up way too early - 4:20am and now I am going to try to catch a hour or so of zzzzz's. See ya Thursday with a finished Holiday Lane.


  1. Oh, You are doing Holiday Lane pillows! I lvoe them, but decided to sit this one out. Are you considering doig the Bonnie Hunter mystery, Easy Street? I am on the fence and need a push one side or another. It is so BIG!!!!!

    I miss you!

  2. The machine you were on was your machine not mine. Lol.

    1. Ah but it has been in your care for quite a while and took on a different personality!

  3. let us know when you are up for the holiday lane pillow hop..today is your day...