Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Wonderings

Outside the window...drizzle and cooler temperatures.
I am good it was to see Lynne, Trey, DJ, Skye and his family and to meet DJs girl friend.

I am thankful for...a safe trip home today.
I am own girls and my grandchildren.
I am sew as much as possible the next few days.
I am go and see DGS#7 play ball Saturday.
I am looking forward to...visiting and working at P&J's again.
I am listening to...some hiphop from DH's radio and his snores.
One of my favorite things...time spent with my grandchildren

I am currently reading...blogs as part of my morning routine.
I am wishing...a magic genie would come make all disagreements disappear. I've been rubbing that lamp raw!
I am drivers on the road today. Some don't seems to understand that you can't drive over another car.   

I wonder...when the skunk smell will leave and if I will finish the Holiday Lane project in time!

Lator Gators! It has been a long three days and I am ready to sleep in  my own bed.


  1. I hope the skunk smell isn't in your house! it is sunny but cold here. Hope you get lots of sewing done! Off to the library and the park today, then back home to try to talk my DH into putting up the tree.

  2. skunk? LOL. Has to be Ama. Happy thanksgiving my friend!