Saturday, November 3, 2012

Winners and Houston

    On Halloween, Mr. Randon picked two numbers and I emailed both winners-Barbara Woods and Sallie Whiteside. They both responded with their snail mail addresses and I mailed Barbara's off on my way to Houston on Thursday morning. Sallie's envelop I brought with me to the Festival where she and her husband met me. I think at least on my part that I have found a new quilting friend! Picture to follow when I finally get frown on downloading pictures. LOL
    Pam and I have been taking Festival slow - very slow. We went Thursday and saw quilts. They are all beautiful but few that really appealed to me since I love traditional patterns done in nontraditional colors but firmly believe that quilts have 3 layers fitting a bed!
    Friday, we hit the floor and my mantra was "I don't need fabric - I don't need fabric!" It is working except for the hand dye scrap bags that I got for DD#1; the flannel quilt kit for DH; and the make & take table runner. Only problem is that all my 'friends' who heard me chanting would laugh and tell me "Yes, you do!" I did however buy Aurfil thread pack, paper piecing diamonds, quilting stencils, 2 or 4 patterns, books, etc. Oh, and potato soup, a big baked potato, a delish salad accompanied by a margarita.
   The flannel quilt for DH was the right colors and the right 'ole timey' big block pattern. Every quilt I make he wonders why such bright or wild colors and why do I cut the fabric up into such small pieces. However, he claims all of them and doesn't understand why I spend so much time on a quilt to just give it away to a perfect stranger. He also claims that he had NEVER gotten a quilt from me. The super King sized biscuit quilt that I made doesn't count because it doesn't have a back - it doesn't need one but he wants one. The quilts on his bed in the motor home also don't count because they aren't on his normal bed. This quilt won't be big enough to cover both of us so he won't be happy with that either but I am not making another super king quilt. I can't win!
     Today, Pam and I will finish off the floor and head home Sunday morning. Rulers, Kai scissors, rotary cutters, and thread for mid-arm are still on my list. I really won't bet on my mantra working today since we will be visiting the Fat Quarter & Mama's Booths. We decided to stay another night since we are so dang tired by 7pm that driving another 4 hours seems too much!
    Lator Gators!


  1. We must have had lunch with you before you bought all that stuff! We are leaving today before I have to sell a few bassets to pay my credit cardbill!!


  2. it came in the mail this morning! love it. thanks so much now i am ready for next halloween

  3. Charlene, it was wonderful to meet you and Pam at the Houston Quilt Show! Thank you for the Halloween scraps!

  4. So glad you came by Mama's Quilt Shop booth and we got to meet. Wasn't it fun!