Friday, November 16, 2012

November Wonderings

Outside the breezes.
I am I going to get everything done.

I am thankful DH.
I am missing...blogging time.
I am San Antonio to see SD#1.
I am go camping.
I am looking forward to...sewing.
I am listening to...DH kidding with someone on the phone.

One of my favorite things...time spent in my sewing studio
I am currently reading...blogs as part of my morning routine. 
I am wishing...a magic genie would come clean my house inside and out. I've been rubbing that lamp raw!
I am the dumbness of certain people. They seem to think that the scientific rule - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - doesn't apply to them. I learned at an early age that every thing you do has a consequence sometimes good and sometimes really bad.You can put off the consequence but eventually you have to face it. Longer you wait the harder and worse the consequence.  
I wonder...why are they so upset when they have to pay the consequences. If you don't like the consequences of an action, then don't do it!

I haven't blogged since November 3rd. My life has been so full of confusion that I haven't gotten to my 'big' computer to do the writing. I hadn't even fired it up to do my bills since the third. Too confused & busy to even pay my bills! That too will have consequences but they are all paid now including the late fees.LOL

 I have been sewing up a storm but nothing I can share. I finished the binding on a quilt that DD#1 quilted as our second joint charity quilt and on her LSU quilt. I made a beautiful duffle for a gift and several swap blocks and lotto blocks. No pictures yet! I am still working 15 minutes a day on Saint Stars but never seem to make progress!

 Now I have two more quilts (not mine) to bind during the holidays and table runner to satin stitch (I have fallen in love with it so if my secret sister doesn't want it, I will swap with her!), have quilted, and then bind. 
  Not to mention all the swaps and lottos I am participating in. Oh, I forgot the Holiday Lane project that is due on November 29th. 

  So if I owe you something please know that it is coming --slowly but it will arrive one day. LOL How did I get myself so swamped!

 Well, DH is chopping at the bit to leave and go somewhere. His wanderlust is the main reason for my lack of blogging and my being swamped. That and all the extra projects. 

Lator Gators! Have a great Thanksgivings!

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  1. When you get finished with that lamp genie, send him my way! I think your wonderings are my favorite ya!