Thursday, February 28, 2013

Next Time!

Yesterday I got home a bit late and the Grandchildren had already left for home -it is only two blocks away. I went check on Spirit and talk to Chris about his infamous math problem. He had decided that I had the right answer and had no math homework. Spirit needed pencils again - I think she eats them-so we went back to the house. DH met us there and he and I left to go pick up his meds and my sewing machine.

When we got to J&B, there were 4 cars. First sign I should not go in. But in I went b/c I really needed that machine. Well.....there were 4 ladies helping one lady pick out fabric for "Crush". They got me involved as the instructor and there went 2 hours! It seems I now have "Crush" classes scheduled for the 4th and 15th.

Next time I will know better than to stop when I see cars! LOL

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  1. Oh oh oh!! I like the new look on the old blog.

    I need to look at this crush class.

    When Carrie was little she did that with scotch tape. She would go through tape like it was water. When she got married I gave Andrew a huge box of tape.