Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still Alive and Kicking!

 (WARNING: THIS POST IS TEXT HEAVY! Between my camera/battery situation, computer crashes, and phone problems, pictures are difficult to take much less post but I am working on correcting that situation!) 
   I have been so busy getting use to working on a regular basis again that I haven't posted since 1/20. It takes a lot to figure out time management - time gets taken from blogging and quilting to do other things. It is a good thing that part of my new job is quilting with a generous dose of fondling fabric and that my DH is a fantastic House Husband even if he gets sidetracked worse that I did! We both believe: "Dusting and Housework will always be there, but love ones may pass away so time spent with them is precious. The dusting and housework will get done eventually and if not who cares in 10 years!" LOL
  I now have two classes under my belt...four people braved my teaching on how to use the GO! to make their "piecing" lives a bit easier/quicker. Three bought dies and all four bought fusible so I guess I was a success. Next, I will be showing beginners how to piece a simple quilt then later how to use THANGLES for half square triangles. Talk about stepping out of my cave into the spotlight!
   Tuesday night, DH and I traveled to New Iberia to watch DGS#7 play basketball. He was awesome, even though he was fighting a sore throat with head cold w/o meds, and his team won the game is a double overtime situation. Talk about on the edge of our seats! Especially when DGS#7 was knocked flat on his head and got up way too slowly for this grandmother. DH had his hand on my leg to prevent me from bolting to the court and DGS' aid.
   Today, Wednesday, is a work day which includes inventory (no fun), but also working on 4 t-shirt quilts. Then homework at 4pm with Chris and Spirit which is always an adventure!
   Thursday, I am traveling to BR to the River City Guild meeting and staying the night at Glenda's. You don't know how excited I am to see the "kids" again especially now that McGee is healthy. Seeing Glenda and Frank with visiting time is kinda special too! Glen and I will stay up way too late visiting.
   Friday morning I will drive back home stopping at J&B for a very short few minutes. No work b/c I have a sew date with my BFF Pam. But I also have to get ready for Saturday's class! 
   Saturday is the day that I get to play with teaching a beginner how to piece. It should be interesting since we are both beginners in this situation. 
   Friday & Saturday, I will be using a 1950 sewing machine that DH gave me for Christmas. All 6 of those gifts sew like angels except for the one I bought last Saturday. It needs cleaning and oiling b/c it sounds like a tank. DH will be working his magic on it soon. LOL 
  Hopefully, I will have lots of pictures to share on Sunday! Lator, Gators! Keep making Lemonade from Life's Lemons. 


  1. you are busy! and I thought all you did was quilt and bowl--ha

  2. I didn't know you went to work! It sounds like you're having lots of fun. :) blessings, marlene

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