Saturday, March 23, 2013

Life Goes On

Let me repeat for maybe the 12th time, I love working/playing at J&B Quilting & Fabrics.
The two owners are fantastic and treat me like family giving me tasks to do that sometime I think are beyond my ability. Juanita & Belinda have more faith in me than I have in myself. Right now Juanita has me making covers for her trip to England. Belinda wants me to learn how to quilt on the HandiQuilter and on my BabyLock. I tried to explain that I have taken classes from people like Sue Nickles etc and failed.  However, I am finding out  that I know more about piecing, quilting, and even color placement than I thought I knew. (Maybe I was absorbing information in all those technique classes from National Quilt Gurus like Elenor Burns, Bonnie Hunter, Charlotta Angotti, etc...those UFOs served a higher purpose!)LOL
The classes I am teaching at J&B are going well with more and more students signing up for Crush (ugh!)and for Carpenter's Star. Now I have to get the class samples quilted, write my handouts, and make the duffle bag for the next class. This time for Crush I choose bright bright colors that were actually stacked together on the shelves. Don't tell the students it is that easy! They spend hours hunting for just the right color combinations. Thank you Bonnie Hunter for releasing me from that waste of time. Yep, I have finally accepted my inner Scrap Piecer. 
Red and Fushia /Purple roses
Green & FushiaPurple leaves
My DGS#4 (or#2 depending on how you count) is getting married in June and the colors of the wedding are Eggplant and Red. I thought my daughter told me she wasn't making a quilt for the couple so I started hunting for fabric. The Big Red and Purple roses looked online to be the exact colors and I immediately saw a big block quilt. But when it came in, alas it is not the right purple-Eggplant and my DD#1 reminded me that she was indeed making a quilt and was almost finished with it.  
So that fabric will go into my stash for a quilt for our spare bedroom b/c DH loves it! So I will be making a piece for the couple that can be used as a table runner for the rehearsal supper and then as a bed topper later using Eggplant purple and Blood Red. Wish me luck!
Well, it is time to get ready to leave so 
Lator, Gators! Remember when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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  1. scrap piecer extrodinaire! You are living right up to those big expectations! You go, girlfriend!

    But not to England, I would be too jealous!