Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stash Report Sunday March 31, 2013

Well, I bought 7 yards of fabric this week. I used about 8 yards for backs, covers, and swap. Therefore, I am even. I haven't a clue as how much I have used or added in March but know I am in the black for 2013 by close to 150 yards. Working at the quilt shop helps since I pet the fabric and let someone else take it home. Otherwise I would be adding on weekly basis as the new lots arrive!

It has been a stressful 4 days. First, my boss gets sick and I have to run a class and tend to customers. Thank goodness for understanding students and customers. Then Friday, boss is still out w/flu, t-shirt quilt isn't squaring up, and my son gets into a bit of trouble which included the swat team. Saturday, I got my 5 year chop meaning I had my hair cut from mid-back length to short pixie, boss still sick, had a customer up her "need" date by a full week, had to find a customer's lost card, sent my son to the hospital, and explained why to my DH. (I know it was the right thing to do b/c DSS#1 is now at the VA getting the help he has needed since his return from Iraq.) Very stressful all the way around.

My reaction to stressful situations is to deal as calmly as possible using as much logic as possible while it is happening. Then when everything is settled or at least calm, I hit the bathroom. Well, all the situations are handled so I have been in the bathroom every 15 minutes. NOT fun! But at least things are calmer for now.

Monday, I will get the tax papers ready and pack the motor home for a bowling trip to Tennessee. Hopefully, other than traffic it will be a peaceful trip. The last two were not - both times the generator went out (thanks to DH's tinkering with it) so we had no power, heat, or cooling. I am prepared with a battery thinging that hooks up to the regular battery to give plug in power and a portable heater & fan. I have lots of quilts packed in case of cold weather and fans in case of hot. I have my BabyLock, projects packed, and will treat it as a mini retreat. My friends will be on an actual retreat in Branch so i will send pictures of projects as will they. Next best thing to being there!

Well, back to finishing those commissioned covers and the customer's quilt so Belinda can quilt ASAP when she gets back.

Drinking lots of lemonade b/c if life throws you lemons (it has oversupplied me), grab your "honey" and make lemonade. Thank goodness, my DH oozes honey even if he doesn't really understand why I get upset about all the lemons life is throwing right now!

Lator Gators!

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  1. Oh I am so sorry about all the stuff going on. Wow, you must have been worried about the son. I am glad he is in a good situation now.

    Let me know if I can help.....