Sunday, April 14, 2013

Calmer Days

Life is beginning to calm down!
Shan-quilting herself
Crush II
I am sporting a new hair style and it isn't because I pulled it out due to all the drama in the last 2 months. Everyone was shocked including DH, but even he says it looks so much better. I know that it is easier. Every 5 years for the last 20, I have let my hair get down pass my bra band, and then cut it very short - extremely short. It started as a way to give to St Jude patients. Now it is to honor my dear dead brother who was doing the same thing right before he died. I cut it that year too - 5 years ago. 

Pat-quilting herself
Sharlette - done
All 9 ladies from my beginner's classes finished their tops with 4 having a finished quilt including binding, 3 waiting on Boss to machine quilt theirs, and 2 waiting to machine quilt hers herself after lessons from Boss. No 2 look alike! They are all beautiful!

My boss is doing much much better. Her sister from Alaska and her aunt from Florida are down and came to the shop Saturday and it was interesting. The sister took over organizing the accounting and taxes.The aunt started cutting brown bag projects for the shop. Tuesday morning, they will open and run the shop until the afternoon so I can bring DH to the doctor. By the end of next week, things at the shop should be heading to normal.
DS is incarcerated but is still ballistic with personality changes by the hour. Praying hard for him.
I did my taxes Saturday morning. Everything needed was in one just took sit down time to organize everything. We have an appointment tomorrow with the accountant. What a way to spend your 14th anniversary! This is what we give each other every year.

As for my stolen/missing iPad, I turned the old one off and will be getting a new improved model. Who wants to bet that the old iPad will reappear soon? 

My swap blocks are progressing but the 1930's Whirling Star for my March partner just ain't whirling like it is suppose to. I have paper pieced it and it didn't whirl; I have template pieced it and it still didn't whirl. My mentor came and gave me help and it started to whirl a bit in a wacky way. So I have to try try again. Thankfully I have a great swap partner.  I have all the Halloween fabrics ready for the April star. It won't be a whirling star, I can promise you!

My smaller BabyLock started skipping stitches on Saturday in the middle of a duffle bag for the shop and whirling stars. It needs to go to the spa for its annual cleaning and then to live with DD#1. So Thursday I will leave early for BR and bring it to the spa and when it is fixed, on to DD#1. No drama - just happening sooner than later!

As for a stash report, NO Fabric IN and NO Fabric OUT! 

 Remember if life gives you Lemons, grab your HONEY and make Lemonade. Then you can sit back and laugh at the drama sipping away!
Well, Lator Gators!

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  1. Can't wait to see the new hair! You would look gorgeous any which way though!