Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thanks Thief

On Friday a brazen human walked into our home and took my very old iPad - no camera, no wifi, no bells or whistles. It upset me and made my DH mad. 

Yesterday for our 14th anniversary, DH took me to Best Buy and bought a new iPad II with double camera and more bells and whistles than I need. It evens lets me write on my blog!

Getting our taxes done was an experience. The first preparer said we were getting back more than $750. That did not sound right b/c in 14 years we have never gotten back as much as a dime. So on to our regular preparer - we actually owed $900+ which was a small fraction of last year's amount. I guess we don't do too badly for two old retirees! LOL
Remember if Life gives you Lemons grab your Honey and make Lemonade! Then sit and sip away while the drama unfolds! Lator gators!

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  1. Congratulations on your new iPad! So.....are you related to the thief?

    We heard that the refunds were taking forever because the govt was holding back on the money. But we filed two weeks ago and got the refund within a week. Frank usually gets a an annual letter from the IRS about something he did wrong, like adding incorrectly, or putting something in the wrong place. But this year they believed him!