Saturday, April 20, 2013


     Sometimes I wonder if I would lose my head if it were not attached! Thursday I drove to Baton Rouge for a guild meeting. While there I delivered an envelop from Borne Quilter or so I thought. On the way home I get a call, I had given them the wrong envelop -my taxes. So Friday, after DH's doctor appointment, off to Watson we went to deliver the proper envelop and retrieve my tax papers. It only took 5 hours to drive there and back and I was three hours late for work. DunderHead!
     Things are beginning to get back to normal at J&B. Boss lady is able to come in and work for more hours than before. She quilted 2 quilts of the 7 that were waiting. The first was the t-shirt quilt (#2) on the Handi-quilter and the second was a cute baby quilt on her home machine. She was unable to handle piecing the flag wall hanging -she loves quilting while I love piecing and binding which is why we make a great team! Today I will work on binding the two quilts and piecing the flag together. Rewriting the directions for the flag so that it is easier for a inexperienced piecer may be a path we take.
     This weekend will be dedicated to sewing swap blocks - that whirling star WILL whirl! It will also be dedicated to sewing an invisible zipper - HELP!
      Making and sipping lemonade - Lator Gators!

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  1. oh no! The stars must be out of alignment, between you and me and frank, we are not doing so well this week!