Saturday, August 10, 2013

Woe is Me!

     My Quest is making loops and I go on retreat Monday!
    I drove to Baton Rouge early this morning to plea my case to Alex, the repairman, and to pick up 2 machines that were finished. The first was my old BabyLock which I had given to DD#1-only took her 2 months to put it back in shop, and the second was an 1945-50 Universal which needed a little TLC & new presser foot. As usual Alex gave me a very instructive lecture about the adapters, cases, feet, & proper care and maintenance of machines in his fast speaking accented dialect. I then showed him what the Quest was doing and pleaded with him to have it ready for Tuesday b/c the only machines I have to sew on at retreat are my 1950 Premier and Universal. Or one of the other pre1950 tanks I sew with. They all are heavy heavy heavy and a bit noisy.
     While there I made friends with a teacher who wants to make t-shirt quilts with her students. It seems students at her school think sewing is fun and cool! So in November and December I will be going to her classes to teach them how to prepare, layout & piece, and tie t-shirt quilts.
     Then I went back to shop and worked on various projects. After work DH & I went to casino and ate shrimp. 
  Tomorrow I will pack for retreat on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. It should be interesting!

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