Sunday, September 1, 2013

Me-new loves a sink!
August goals in review:
Goal 1 was to finish shop projects.
             Project 1: Snowflake door hanging done
              Project 2: Presents wall hanging pieced & waiting for quilting by another
              Project 3: Baby Jewel Box is pieced & waiting for appliqué
              Project 4: T-shirt quilt done waiting for owner
              Project 5: Juanita's Baby Jewel Box done & waiting for owner to bind.
              Project 6: borders on clients quilt done, quilted, & waiting for binding
             Project 7: circles for India's quilt cut and waiting to be fused and stitched.
             Project 8: kit for Wanda done

Goal 2 was to find room for more stuff in sewing room. I am still straightening!

Goal 3 was to straighten and catalog sewing stuff in den. I am still straightening.

Goal 4 was to sew every day on a personal  work. Hit & miss but lots of personal work done!

September Goals:
Spirit giggling

Goal 1: sew every day for 15 minutes on personal work.
Goal 2: continue working to straighten & catalog stuff in den - 60 minutes a week.
Goal 3: continue to straighten & create storage in sewing room - 90 minutes a week dedicated to this!
Goal 4: finish shop projects!
         Project 1: India's circles!
         Project 2: binding on current quilts at shop (2 for Wanda and 1 wonky)
         Project 3: appliqué fleurs on Baby Jewel box
         Project 4: binding on Sarah's quilt
Lator Gators!

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