Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy September

It has been a very busy month! 
Between swap blocks, guild meetings, work, doctor appointments, bowling & football season starting, I managed to take a Michael Young class. Krewe of Quilters was the first group he taught his new class "Diamonds Are Forever" to. We got to find the error in his pattern and had so much fun sewing y-seams. I got a good bit done but had to put it in UFO pile for a while. (DD#1 finished hers of course!)
I have been sewing button bonnets and baby gowns for DD#4 to give as a gift to a friend.   I also made her a duffle bag (medium) to use as a diaper/travel bag with a smaller bag for everyday use.
DD#4 also pieced a baby quilt, sandwiched it, and quilted it herself. Not bad for someone who never pieced before! I think it is cute but camo and orange for a girl!
At work I have been finishing lots of projects. Seems there are lots of Piecers in our area that only want to piece so they hire us to quilt and bind their quilts!  I am currently giving two classes - Jewel Box Star using Thangles mixed with fussy cutting & 4-patches and the Duffle Bag class. Both classes are lots of fun!


  1. Love the camo and orange, for Sami maybe?? I was upset that Michael taught in Baton Rouge amped didn't tell me!! I will be out of town for the riverr city class. Bummmmmmer!

    1. Sorry Glen that you will miss that class b/c it was awesome. Nope, quilt for DD#4's friend. Sammie will get frogs & Jack Seleton,

  2. Oh, you changed to a beach scene! Loving it!

  3. love the camo! look at my Dora camo dress I made for Emma. Sorry I have not posted in so long I have been busy too, just not sewing much.