Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hurriered I Go, the Behinder I Get!

September and October were rough! Between health problems, money problems, and work load, I just couldn't keep up. 
     But lots of good things happened too. I learned I was getting a great- granddaughter in September. Neither she or her mother or grandmother were hurt in the accident and the Element can be fixed.
      November hasn't started much better. While I had a wonderful time at Festival, I caught a horrible cold that went straight to my chest so I spent the next three days miserable. Then when I get back my boss is still sicker than me. So more long hours in shop. 
    But Monday will be great (I hope!) since I am taking a class on the Lone Star. So tomorrow all my efforts will be towards getting well.
Lator Gators.

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  1. So sorry you have been sick. I hope November gets better for you!