Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stash Report 1/05/14

Fabric USED: .83 yard (12 2 1/2" strips for 
Fabric ADDED: 7 yards
 (12  half yard cuts of black&white; 4 fat quarters for potato bag)
Fabric USED YTDy: .83 yard
Fabric ADDED YTD: 7 yards
Stash Enhancement: -6.17 yards 

    I am happy with these numbers b/c the yardage is for my Fractured Bargello Jacket. The fat quarters are for requested potato bags. Also I did not count quilt I finished binding on 12/31/13 or quilt I am binding now. In fact none of the quilts on my January Get-It-Done list will be counted except for binding b/c I can't remember if they were counted before.
    My husband gave me the greatest compliment I have ever gotten. We are expecting very cold weather here in South Louisiana in the next four days, not as cold as the North but colder than we have been in over twenty years. DH looked at me and asked if we had enough quilts to cover anybody/ everybody who came to shelter with us. I said I believe so. He then started taking count of all the quilts in the house and camper. After he finished, he looked at me and told me, "We need more big quilts so get to work, please."
Stash   Lator Gators! I am off to work on jacket, microwave bowls, and potato bags.


  1. Your DH is a great guy. Not only do quilts provide warmth, they also provide comfort. I would much rather snuggle under a quilt than a blanket any day. Enjoy your day of quilting.

    1. Dee Dee, you are right! DH is a truly GREAT man.

  2. I like a man who appreciates warmth! LOL I hope you all stay warm!

  3. Your DH is a smart man and a keeper. We only use quilts on all our beds, no blankets allowed any more.

  4. I love it! I know he loves your quilts!

  5. Darn left before I finished.

    And I do too! LOL.

    Sort of anti-climatic now...