Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goal Update

Goal 1: UFO/PhD list for January
 1) Kristin's quilt - Make label.  I finished binding 12/31/13 at 9am. 
  2) Camille's quilt - needs to be hand bound and label. (Binding is 2/3 done)
  3) Garden Maze quilt - Make binding strips, handbind, and label.
  4) Sammie's quilt - needs borders, hand quilting in Neon threads, make/apply binding, and make/apply label. Backing is made!
  5)Tom Kat quilt - Make binding strips, handbind, sew down face, mouse, hole, ball, & label.
  6) Wanda's red quilt - blocks need to be made into flimsy, with borders, backing, binding, and label. (Rows made and grouped.)
  7) Wanda's Lady Bug quilt - blocks made into flimsy with sashing, borders, backing, binding, and label. (4 blocks sashed)
  8) Big Chris' quilt - finish machine quilting,
  9) Make 10 more blocks for mystery. (4 more made. Found 6 half block errors that can't be fixed so have to redo.)
10) Work on Soccer Beauty- made into flimsy, borders added, backing, binding, and label. I have decided against my quilting it myself so now I will put it together and add it to the to-be-quilted pile for Dee.
Goal 2: Organization of studio
  1) Put all fabrics on bookcase. ( began )
  2) Clean den for 30 minutes at a time with goal of 90 minutes a week in Jan. doing this will give me a bigger studio space! (15 minutes)

Goal 3: New Skills/ NewFO
  1) Fractured Bargello Jacket (Did left sleeve and began right sleeve) 

Left sleeve waiting for cuff portion
Right Sleeve
I decided that this layout doesn't give me the look I really want. So I went back to shop and bought 12 more sets. I will organize them with all the white w/black together and all the black w/white together. I don't think the difference will detract from the jacket. 
  2) Sewing Machine blocks
  3) Uneven Log Cabin blocks
  4) Mini Lone Star

Since I won't be working as many hours or giving as many classes, I'll have more home sewing time. Life has a way of working out! 
On that note, Belinda, my boss, gave Sammie a crib for my soon to be born great grand daughter. Sammie can't work right now due to a wreck she was in so money is super tight for them. Getting it ready for Marie will keep them busy and keep their minds off of their money worries. It is indeed a blessing.


  1. I love lists and yours is a good one. You have so many projects to finish but you seem to have it all under control. Tidying and putting away and sorting really does make a room more inviting. What a great start to the year.

  2. I hope that's your whole year's plan, not just January. LOL I'm sorry your daughter was hurt, but how nice that people are helping with things they are going to need.

    1. P. S. aol keeps rejecting my e-mail messages, and I'm using the e-mail here on your blog profile.

    2. Actually it is tentative for January. But what is not finished will be attempted in February.