Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sit and Sew In - I Hope!

I have been trying to have a "Sit and Sew-In" since Monday without success. 

Monday DH asked me to drive him and DSD#2 to the dentist. That took until 3:30 and then it was time to go bowl. We won 4 games out of 4 which was interesting. I did however finish a secret project that I can't post until after Dec. 15th.

Today, I am working on various projects at intervals. I sew until I get cold and then stop and warm up. At least I am sewing! I will post updates and pictures of the not secret projects as I go!
 Thursday, I plan to sew until 2pm and then drive to BR for a guild meeting. Hopefully, I will get to do some sewing but plans are just that-plans.
I got to finish the 4 coasters and then finished 3 LSU / Saints microwave bowls. Then Marie came. She had no socks and no extra clothes. DH and I went to the dollar store and bought socks. When we got home, Marie had pooped everywhere so we needed clothes. Our neighbor has twins so we asked for a spare in Marie's size. Problem solved except the twins didn't use size 6-9 months. They are big children.
We got her changed and then Marie and Lucy began getting to know each other. Lucy is a pit puppy from my neighbor. I wanted a medium sized dog for the inside. Leapaul is getting old and having problems. He perked up when she arrived. So far there is only one problem....Lucy and Marie are jealous of each other. If one is next to me, both must be!
Right now I am sitting with Marie sleeping in my arms and Lucy sleeping on my hip. That may become a problem as they both grow.
Oh well! Tomorrow is another day for sewing.Lator Gators.


  1. Good for you, rescuing momma and baby! Hope you get rewarded with your sew in finally!!!

    I have been having the very same problem since Monday. Maybe today we will both win!

  2. I have the Dallas cowboy fabric for u for some bowls for u to make for u know who