Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stash Report November 9, 2014

Fabric In: yards
Fabric in November: 0 yards
Fabric In YTD: 188 yards
Fabric Out: 0 yards
Fabric Out November: 0 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 78.25 yards
Enhancement: 109 .75 yards
     I did sew last week but not much. I worked on log cabin blocks for a swap and then on 5" blocks for Dee. Just wasn't in the mood to sew. My arthritis was very active and still is. Even the blocks we made for the class came from Dee's stash. When I got home, it was all school work. I haven't even unpacked the sewing stuff. 
   This week I will be at school on a strictly volunteer basis since the powers that be in Louisiana think that it is wrong for retired teachers to work at what they do best for more than 1/4 of their retirement pay. These lawmakers would rather have untrained people in the classroom even long term. Then they wonder why scores are low! Rant over!
    Hopefully, I will get to the sewing room for a while on Tuesday and Wednesday. The official sub gets to grade papers and do duty which leaves me time to sew. Still exhausting since I will be doing the actual instruction! I might even bring a machine to school and sew in a vacant room during down time.
     I am planning on making pillow cases, potato bags, microwave bowls, and embroidered towels as gifts. Also some personalized coffee wraps for co-workers.  Good thing 2015 is just 2 months away and I can reset! This year the stash won hands down! Hopefully, next year I will stay even.
Lator Gators! I'm going steal a few minutes go sewing time.


  1. I am waiting for the reset in the stash report as well.

  2. I love that you call it an "enhancement" -- the more enhancing, the better, right??! :)