Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stash Report Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stash Report
Fabric In: 0 yards
Fabric in December: 2 yards
Fabric In YTD: 190 yards
Fabric Out: 2.33 yards
Fabric Out December: 2.33 yards (pillowcases)
Fabric Out YTD: 82.33 yards
Enhancement: 107.67 yards
     My foster grand-daughter came to me Friday after school to Ask me to make a gift for her friend's birthday. My DD#4 had already clued me in and asked if I would make pillowcases and a carrying case. DD#4 had picked out three co-ordinating fabrics - a pale pink fairy frost and rose fairy frost by Michael Miller and some gray and pink scraps. The pillowcases came out perfectly and then DD#4 stitched the girl's name on each. My foster grand-daughter was very pleased with the outcomes since she picked the thread colors for the names with help from DD#4. 
      It has been a busy week. Monday we bowled and lost 3 games. Tuesday, we tended to helping others with their problems. Wednesday, I cleaned house and sewed on BMQ. Thursday, I had two guild parties to go to and did the driving all by myself. I got to talk to a good friend on the phone.     
     Friday, DD#4, GGD#1, & I cleaned the new studio, took naps, went shopping for a heater, and had a great time. Friday night, DGS# 9 had us bring him to the Washington Christmas parade.  He and the Northwest JROTC lead the parade. He carried the American flag proudly! It made my heart swell to see him marching so proudly! If ever you want good clean fun, go to a small Cajun town's parade.  
     Saturday, I sewed on various items including pillowcases and BMQ steps 1 & 2. I haven't started step 3 b/c my three helpers (Me-new, Lucy, & MARIE) were not being co-operative. The puppy, Lucy, was picking on the cat and baby. She wanted to play but they didn't. So we went "play" in the living room. Marie, GGD#1, and Lucy play well together until you add the cat. Only problem is that they are both jealous. Both took a 3 hour nap on my lap. I love watching my great grand daughter. She is growing by leaps and bounds!
    Today, my plan is to sew on BMQ steps 2 & 3. I also plan on sewing on Christmas gifts and packing a box of gently used clothes for goodwill.
Hopefully the plan will stick! Lator Gators.