Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stash Reort Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fabric In: yards
Fabric In January: 2 yards
Fabric In YTD: 2 yards
Fabric Out: .5 yards 
Fabric Out January: 4.5 yards
Fabric Out 2014: 4.5 yards
Stash Reduction: 2.5 yards
     I actually used fabric I can count this week! J&B had a sew day for Lotto Blocks for the KSQG. I was planning on packing my Singer and going, but the morning started out with me on rescue.
     First, DGS#9 called. He, Spirit, and Desani had missed the bus and needed a ride to their respective schools. So I get ready to leave. As I am getting into DH's car, DD#4 calls. She has a flat at work with a flat spare. Ok, add her to rescue list. Oh, first school is 7 miles, second another 7, and DD was 35 miles more. 
      It was an interesting morning of driving and tires. I don't change tires in cold windy weather that have been put on by an impact wrench. Impossible to get lugs off. Thank goodness help with proper Jack and impact wrench arrived before we froze or got hurt!
    So, grandchildren and DD#4 taken care of, I stop by J&B to let them know I was going to stay home and sew alone. Instead, I went get my supplies and sewed on a borrowed machine and had a blast! I made 3 log cabin blocks and added fabric to the 1.5" pile for others to use. Thanks to Dottie, Linda(s), Shan, Belinda, and everyone else.
     But the down side is DH missed Doctors appointment and I caught huge cold which kept me down til Friday.  Life is full of twists. Lator!


  1. All that in one morning? When it rains it pours I guess. Hope you are feeling better. Congrats on being in stash reduction mode.

    1. Yep, Kate, all that before 11am. Life here twists and turns. You never know what plans will happen or what surprises will happen.