Wednesday, April 29, 2015


   The storms came and went leaving cool weather behind them. I used the time to bind the waving quilt for my bosses.  That quilt was very stressful for me. First, it wouldn't stop waving and I had to redo it three times to get the wave out. Then my Quest decided to go wonkers on the tension. I love that machine, but it has more tension problems than it is worth. So back to the Doctor it goes. I know I need a new bobbin case and probably new tension mechanism.
Update: DH worked on two of my older machines and has a Singer Touch working like a dream. It has all the doodads to go with it including the walking foot. A great buy for $7.00. He also worked on another Singer. It is newer and smaller and lighter. Perfect for kids and retreats!
   I am working on the KS Guilds BOM and it, too, is frustrating me. The pattern calls for an M and there is no M in the cutting directions. My pea brain can't figure out what size square to cut to get the same result as shown on the pattern. Ugh!
Update: I figured out that the size of M should be 3/8" smaller than L to get a quarter inch showing. Now Unit 1 is done. I feel so smart & accomplished! LOL
Renee and I with Marie went to J&B and got 1 yard of fabric and it is already in block 3. Renee also picked up 3 coordinating fabrics, elephants, dots, and plaids, to make outfits for Marie and pillows for the studio. I picked up a yard of scissors on grey/black that goes with another sewing fabric I have stashed.
   At work, I am making a memory quilt out of old clothing. It is not hard, but it is labor heavy. I also have a quilt to rip and re-sew where the person is almost 1.5 inches off. There is also a quilt that needs to be finished that was started in 1987. Oh, well, one bite at a time.
     I still am having problems getting pictures, but am getting closer. Today, 4/29, Renee and I plan on putting up more batting on the walls in the studio if I can catch my breath enough to help. The plan is to have all the walls, but 3 areas as design walls. One of the areas will be Marie's area; another is the peg wall, and the third is a gridded design wall. There is slow, but not steady progress in the studio. I know I move like a turtle, but the studio seems to be a snail. On Mother's Day, I will be in there sewing!!!!!!! Finished or not!!!!!
   I caught something while I was stressed out, and it has me in a terrible grip. I am coughing, blowing, and struggling to catch my breath. But I can't stop mainly, because lying down is harder than sitting & sewing or standing & ironing. As you have heard me say before, I HATE BEING SICK!
  Lator Gators. Keep making lemonade from the life's lemons and your honeys' sugar.


  1. I was sick when we were in Denver, stomach something.....miserable. I hope you get better quickly, not like a turtle!

    I have tension issues as well. I guess I have to go see Alex too.

    Feel better, m

  2. That was supposed to end in "my friend". Silly blogger