Friday, July 17, 2015

Life Returns to Normal

     The Krotz Springs Quilt Show is over and it was GREAT! There were lots of quilts and lots of people enjoying them. We didn't sell as much as we wanted to but we made money for the Studio so it is all good.  The things we didn't sell will go into the box to be sold at our next quilt/craft show.
     Now I can get back to my July Goals. I have started my 10 Reva Blocks and have 2 hen parties planned-One today and one next Monday. I am so excited about the one today because my bestie is coming and we haven't seen each other in ages. The one next Monday is with two of my old students to work on unfinished projects. Every Monday and Tuesday, the studio will be open for friends to come and work on UFOs or new skills.
     DGD#2 explained to DD#4 and I that we needed to make more Baby items to sell. We explained to her that she need to learn to sew if she was going to give advice. So she decided to take over the embroidery.
     DD#4 took a UFO from my stash and finished it. Then she quilted it using her machine for straight stitches and the BabyLock to put frog designs on it. I tried to bind it before the Show but didn't make it. DGGD#1 claimed it and as we say "put her DNA all over it." Since the original UFO was for her, we can't complain.
     I did have one major problem - I lost/misplaced the cord for the electric Go. It disappeared somehow. Bad news is I still haven't found it!Good news is that DD#1 can order a new one so I don't have to buy another Go.
     We rode to DD#1's house on Thursday to bring back items from show and to give her a quilt top. On the way we stopped to bring Quest to the mechanic. As usual we spent to much time talking to him and I ended up buying another machine. I also signed up to take a class on Tuesday to learn how to properly use my serger.
Quilted and bound

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