Thursday, July 2, 2015

Overview of June Goals and New Goals for July

June Goals - Mostly Fail.

Quilt Show - Make items to sell, organize and bag items for selling. Most IMPORTANT DONE
Wild & Goosey blocks- make 10 NOPE
Reva Blocks -Make 10 NOPE
Studio - Finish painting NOPE; Have Hen Party NOPE; Work in office area STARTED; Complete moving in NOPE
Disappearing Hour Glass - complete 20 blocks NOPE
Krotz Springs BOM - make 3 blocks (Installment 3) NOPE.

LIFE got in the way of my June Goals. I had to make choices due to DH health problems and bowling schedule including a 2000 mile round trip drive. I chose to work mostly on Quilt Show items. Things have calmed down a bit so I should be able to get my July goals done although we are waiting on test results.
July Goals
Quilt Show - Make more items for show. Continue planning for 7/11.
Wild & Goosey blocks - make 10
Reva Blocks - Make 10
Disappearing Hour Glass - Make 10 + blocks
Krotz Springs BOM - make 3 Blocks (Installment 3)
Studio - Have Hen Party; Finish Painting after 7/11; Continue working on Office floor; Continue moving in.

Hopefully, I will have pictures later this week of some of our items.
     I will include my "Grand Illusion" quilt in the items for sale at the show. It was fun to make but it needs to go to a home where it will be loved and used. If it doesn't sell, it will go in the extra room until DGD#5 a twin bed in her room.
    There are a trio of tops that will also go in the to be sold pile. Each taught me skills that I wanted to know and used stash, but have sat in the to-be-quilted pile too long. DD#1 is so busy with her job and with commissioned quilts that I hate to give her a quilt that I don't really really love and have a plan for.

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