Monday, September 28, 2015

Design Wall Monday, September 28, 2015

This week my design wall is all about BINDING!
I have 5 quilts to bind.
1st: The commissioned quilt started in 1987 by the customer's mother. It will be the hardest since the edges are very wavy. It will be sewn down by hand.
2nd: Cheryl's Purple Quilt. This one also will be hand sewn. Dee turned a plain quilt into a masterpiece.
3rd: Guild Charity quilt #1. Since this one is for a child, it will be done completely on the machine.
4th: Guild Charity quilt #2. Another child's quilt to be done completely on the machine.
5th: Daphne's Baby quilt. It will also be done completely on the machine.
   I've decided to set up a machine with the diaper bag I am making for Bella so that when the binding gets to me, I can sew.
  Being as ADDH as I am, I may set up machines with Reva blocks, Wild and Goosey, and for BOM blocks. That way I won't be too bored with all that binding!
  Hopefully, I will be done with these 4 by Thursday so that I can start the next commissioned project.
Well, Lator Gators. I am off to start my binding marathon! Hopefully, I will have lots of completed pictures to show next Monday.


  1. When my arm gets to where I can use a rotary cutter again, I will be in the same predicament as you, with so many quilts to bind all at once.

    Hey, look, it keeps you out of trouble, right?

    1. Actually, trouble finds me no matter where I hide. LOL

  2. Good luck with all that binding. You should start something new as a reward for getting it all done.