Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stash Report Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fabric In: yards
Fabric In September: 5 yards 
Fabric In YTD: 57.705 yards
Fabric Out: 3 yards

Fabric Out September: 7 yards
Fabric Out 2015:  60.205 yards
Stash Reduction: 2.5 yards 

J&B BOM - got the correct color wave-I still think Chrystal gave me the wrong one on purpose
Reva Blocks - 36 finished - 16 gifted = 20 blocks
Wild & Goosey - 61 blocks finished
Krotz Springs BOM - 7 completed of 13 blocks given
    Great grandchild #2 was born on September 21st and I got to hold her on September 22nd. She is chubby and looks like her dad and sister.

   I worked all week on finishing the customer quilt. It was quite a job. He had 21 blocks made by this mother in 1987 and wanted them made into a quilt. She had attempted to quilt them QAYG without knowing anything about quilting. It was her first and last quilting attempt. 
     My job was to hand stitch them together and hand quilt the resulting top. Since nothing was the same size and sashing was waving and uneven and I was not to destroy the mother's work, it was quite a job. Throw in that I was unknowingly very sick when I accepted the job and stayed sick for over a month including a 6 day visit to the hospital, it became my nightmare.
     Saturday, I completed my part and took it to J&B to give it to Belinda for squaring and binding. I let her know that it was not my best work with "organic lines and large primitive quilting" that goes with the mother's work. The lady who saw the bag of stuff I started with gave me the thumbs up as did Belinda.
    Belinda found a great binding fabric and gave me the quilt to bind. Dummy that I am; I took it! I figured that I started this project so it should be all my work.
     I also let Belinda know that it was not my favorite kind of commissioned work. I told her I would rather do t-shirt quilts which are lots of work. She let me know that of all the people who work at the shop, I was the one who could get it done! That praise made me feel good.
     Sunday will be a day of visiting with oldest daughter. Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to binding the customer quilt. It will take some thinking and work since most of the edges are wavy.
 Wednesday will be another binding day since I have 3 other quilts to bind- 2 for guild and 1 for a friend/student who I traded binding 2 quilts for a great quilt kit. Thursday, DGD#1 will be bringing her boyfriend over to meet her grandfather so it must be getting serious. Friday, I start another customer project - a t-shirt quilt.
   So Saturday will be the first day I will be able to work on my projects unless I set up a second and/or third machine to do so as 'rest stops.' I have my BOM from J&B to do. The Krotz Springs' BOM is also calling my name since it has to be completed by December so it can go to DD#1 for quilting by March wedding.
     As my mom would say, I tend to let my mouth over load my butt! LOL

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