Monday, November 30, 2015

Design Wall & Goals for 11/30 -12/8

My design wall is occupied with Secret Sister gifts which can't be shown until after the 10th.
DD#4 & I are in the process of rearranging the studio to be more conducive to our very different & very messy creative styles. 
The studio at twice the size of the old room felt crowded. In the summer my station can be anywhere, but the rest of the year it has to have sun rays hitting it. DD#4 has to be near her sewing machine and the embroidery machine and have fabric stash access.
 We also need to finish transferring more stuff from the den to the studio which will make it seem even more crowded even though there is lots of room.
  Then we can begin work on DGD#5s room. She has slept on sofas for the last 2 years when she comes here even though we have a larger room with a king size bed in it. DGD#1 claims that as her room (but seldom comes as an adult with job responsiblies so it is now our guest/catch all room again). DGD#5 wanted a room all her ownAt first this arrangement was ok b/c she didn't come that often.
But now she is here every weekend and all holidays and when she gets her Christmas gift, she may be here more often.
 So the sofas need to go back in the den; a mattress needs to be bought for the bed; new quilt for the bed made, desk for Christmas present brought in; etc.
  So much to do in such a short time for a person with a short energy span!
Update of last weeks goals:
  Goals for this week:
1) Finish planned Secret Sister gifts. Done
2) Cut out and make KS BOM blocks 11 and 12.
3) Make J&B block 3; start block 4.
4) Work on the 294 half square triangle for BH Mystery. (grey and neutral.) Trimming needed
5) Work on "A Room of My Own" wall hanging using Wild & Goosey blocks.
6) Work on Christmas presents for family.

 I just realized that I need to get energized and spend more time in the studio b/c Christmas is fast approaching.
 Well, time to go to the studio. Have a great week. Please leave a comment...all encouragement helps increase my energy level.
  Today is DH second birthday so part of the day will be spent celebrating.
Lator Gators!


  1. Sounds like all these projects will keep you busy all month. Always fun to have a sewing area organized and easy to use.

  2. Sounds like you have lots of Christmas projects that need your attention. Good luck with them all and I hope your energy holds up.