Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Life Goals

Life Goals for 2016
1) Eat healthier.
2) Read Bible everyday.
3) Organize and declutter house.
4) Heal my relationship between daughters #2 & #3 and granddaughter #2.
Quilting Goals for 2016
   1) I want to use more fabric from my stash than I buy to freshen it and it does need freshening! This means I will only buy fabric to replace fabric that I have pulled and used. Oh, fabric bought in 2015 does not count. I bought yards yesterday when BQ went out of business. Oh, with these exceptions - if I need fabric to complete either BH mystery(I will need more grey constant.) or KS BOM which is for my grandson's wedding, the finishing kit for J&B BOM, and backings(that can't be pieced)/absolutely needed fabric(none in stash even close) to complete a quilt.
   2) I want to complete at least 12 UFOs in 2016. More than 12 would be great. Better yet would be to complete all my UFOs. Completed means top, batting, and back done and brought to DD#1 for quilting. This takes a while since she is so busy. Guess I need to learn to quilt myself. Finished is getting it back from DD#1 and putting the binding on it.
     3) I have created an Excel spread sheet to keep track of fabric, UFOs completed, and UFOs finished. This year I want to keep an accurate count of fabric used and added including won fabric and fabric taken from DD#1's stash.
     4) Implement a '2 UFOs completed to get 1 new project started' program.  This does not include scrappy blocks or leader/ender projects as those are long term.
    5) I want to learn or relearn a technique. Quilting just might be what I need to learn to do. This might be the year to bring my machine on a frame home from DD#1 or get a mid-arm.
    6) I want to complete my studio and set up the quilting room.
Lator Gators!


  1. I like how on your #1 quilting goals the font got smaller as if to whisper.
    Blessings in the coming year.

  2. Hi Charlene; your goals seem a bit like mine !! I congratulate goals are achieved it! I wish you well in this year 2016 and follow you forever! a kiss!

  3. Finishing UFOs and stash management are on my goal list too. Have a very productive 2016.

  4. I"m inpsired by your project management and may adopt your idea. Wishes for the healing you are seeking...happy new year!!

  5. It took a year to get my ufos under control. Now I live with my rule of three.....3 major projects allowed in the sewing room. Usually it is one to be quilted, one being sewn, one being cut/planned. When I need the satisfaction of a finish.....small projects that can be finished in a couple of days are allowed in. Lots of mug rug and table runner done here. But fabric.....I will die with a lot left over :) I just ordered more today. I am bad!
    But your goals seem doable....prayers for your relationship healing. We all need a bit of that.

  6. I LOVE your list it embodies many of my own goals especially the refresh the stash goal. My stash is full of fabrics that aren't suitable for my current quilting passions but I plan to make sure I use them up, I started cutting yesterday to make 'kits' I can take to retreats to ensure that I use up the old so I can bring in the new :) And UFO's are likewise a problem I want to overcome as well!

  7. A very good list indeed! Suggestion: make a plan for regularly checking in on the spreadsheet. I've had one for years but never seem to check it until a long time has past and then have to spend waaayyy to much time updating it when I could be quilting instead!