Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day 23 - Thoughts and Memories of Christmas Lost - Second lost Day found

  The Christmas season brings on a mood of melancholy. I think of my dad often at this time as I decided what and who to give presents to. Each year my dad created a Scrooge Box. That box held hand crafted items for all ages. When someone came to the house unexpected on Christmas Day, Dad would choose an item from the box and wrapped it. How he got the present under the tree without anyone seeing is still a mystery!
   The first few years after he died, I would make a Scrooge box with family calendars - one for each family and a few extra. After all the presents were distributed, the Scrooge box would be opened and the calendars would be given out. It had all the birthdays etc for all the family and pictures taken all year long not to mention lots of pictures of Dad.
  After mom died, we stopped gathering as a family and I stopped making the family calendars.
  I think that I will make a calendar for 2016 b/c it was nice to have!
  Thoughts and Memories of Christmas Past!

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