Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 31-Last Day of 2015

I just couldn't get started yesterday. At least not in the studio. We picked DD#4 up and had breakfast. Then home to read blogs and journal. Then off to pay parish taxes. We decided to have lunch at the local casino. 
   While we were at lunch, our foster granddaughter called and things got interesting. I went to Sunset and 2 pharmacies to get meds for Baby ZZZee. Neither had the meds but the second one would order it if I had the insurance cards. So to DFGDs house to pick up the cards. and back again to give them back. The meds will be ready this morning for early pickup.
   When we got home, I sat down to read blogs and play a game.  DGS#8 came over to see me and see if Spirit wanted to go trail walking with him. While they got ready, stepson arrived with his family which is always interesting.
After that stress, I contracted the dreaded NDTDA. I watch a football game with DH and then took a 2 hour nap on the couch. Then off to bring DD#4 to work.
   I woke up this morning and still have NDTDA but picked up DD#4 from work and will go to pick up meds for baby ZZZee. Then I hope to get rid of the NDTDAs by going into the studio.
   I really want to kit those KS blocks. That has become a priority!

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