Monday, January 25, 2016

Chris' Quilt and Multiplying Scraps

In 2011, I offered my granddaughters a week long all expense paid quilting class and after class we would swim at the camp ground.   None of them wanted to go so I asked my eleven year old and just turned 12 year old grandsons if they wanted to learn to piece. Both said "YES!" so off we went to get fabric for the class. Both boys picked very different fabrics. But due to budget restriction got the same pretzel backing.
Proud of his work
Well, their machines stopped working right when they were ready to quilt their tops and they were NOT going to use my new machine. So I promised to tie each quilt. It took me 5 years to get them on the frame.

Chris' Quilt
Thanks to the APQ UFO challenge. Chris' quilt was #2 which got picked while PJ's is number 1.

PJ's is now on the frame no matter which number gets picked! It should be done by Sunday.
    After DGD#2 read that I had finished Chris' quilt and was working on the binding of Trey/DJ's quilt(UFO since May 2011), she asked that I finish hers ASAP.(UFO since May 2012) She moved to Tennessee where it is really cold for someone from South Louisiana! I have to hand quilt it so she is going to have to wait a while longer for it.
I am going to try to make a quick quilt out of this top so she won't freeze. LOL
I have some mylar batting that I will use along with some fusible fleece on one side and the mylar on the other. It should be toasty warm, but may make noise as they move. LOL
   That box of scraps is definitely multiplying and spreading all over the place. I keep finding more scraps everywhere as I clean the sewing room and organize the studio. Those scraps are trying to hide their breeding places. I hope to soon corral all of them in one place. There are enough for all 18 quilts and more.
Well, Got to get busy. Lator Gators.


  1. More projects equal more scraps. Love the ufo stories. You have good reasons to finish them up. The best secret I can give is to get the scraps organized into a system that makes you want to use them up :)

  2. Isn't that funny that the BOYs wanted to sew! Probably one of the great life lessons you will give them!