Thursday, January 28, 2016

Paraphrasing Bonnie Huner

Happiness keeps me sweet.
Trials keep me strong.
Sorrows keep me human.
Failures keep me humble.
Successes keep me growing.
Piecing keeps me sane.
Fabric keeps me going.
Everything that happens to us become part of who we are. Rejection is really just redirection towards something better.
paraphrased from Quiltville Quote of the Day 1/28/16
Thanks Bonnie for this great insight at a time I need it.
If you dwell on the negative, it will keep coming. Be positive and positive things will keep arriving. Another way of saying it is "Smile while Praying Until Something Happens." 
Life is like that sometimes!
Well, I am Smiling while Pushing.
Lator Gators. I have too much to get done to spend time feeling sorry for myself.

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