Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Design Wall Monday, January 11, 2016

Goals for 1/11/2016 - 1/17/2015
1)Go to DD#1's and pick up Big Go and dies. Hopefully Soccer Beauty too. Done. Soccer Beauty is indeed a beauty.
2)  Soccer Beauty - Binding
3) Go to KS guild meeting on Thursday after bringing DH to the doctor.

4) Work on UFO #2 -Chris' Footballs. I need to tie it.
5) Cut scraps into usable pieces with Big Go.
I had a busy piecing week planned, but life has changed those plans. There is some legal paperwork that I need to locate and legal stuff that needs to be done asap. I thought I had taken care of this stuff in 1997 but apparently it didn't take. So I get to track down all the paperwork and redo it all. FUN - NO! but necessary. Wish me luck dealing with this nonsense. (Update: Part 1 has been accomplished. Tomorrow I do Part 2.)
So my week will be just as busy, but not in the sewing room. Most of Friday and Saturday will be dedicated to getting "Soccer Beauty" bound and tying Chris' Footballs.
Lator Gators.

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