Saturday, January 16, 2016

Machine Problems

My new Phaff machine is very temperamental. I have brought it back to the shop twice and twice it worked fine there. Home again to give problems. I named it "Alex" after the Russian shop owner.  I have determined that Alex does not like damp and cold temperatures. So I warm the studio before I turn Alex on. This usually works!    Friday, Alex was working beautifully. Turned Alex on Saturday morning and no go. So I turned him off and worked on the studio. The area where I sew looks like a hoarder works there while I tame scraps and move bookcases etc.
   I moved machines around so that my Universal is now in my sewing area and started sewing on it. It sews like a dream.
   Here's the kicker. A few minutes later, I turned Alex on and he worked like a charm. I think that he was a little jealous of Uni. LOL
   Well, Alex is going to get jealous a lot, because I am setting up 5 of my older machines in my sewing area. I did this when I was sewing in the largest bedroom of our home. I kept a different project on each machine. I plan on doing the same thing in my studio because it helps with my Quilters ADD and boredom.  
  Right now, I have an old Singer set up opposite Alex and my Premier set up near DD#4's table.
Next I will be moving 2 more older machines with cabinets into the area and 2 bookcases out of the area later this month.
Lator Gators.

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