Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stash Report Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fabric In: .5 yards (scraps from DD#1)
Fabric In for January: .5 yards
Fabric In 2016: .5 yards   
Fabric Out:  2.5 yards(DGD#2's quick quilt) 
Fabric Out for January:  6.5 yards
Fabric Out for 2016: 6.5 yards
January Stash Reduction 6 yards
2016 Stash Reduction: 6 yards
   DGD#2 asked for a quilt to keep her warm in Tennessee so I make a small quick quilt with a layer of Mylar and a layer of batting. It was just two 1+ yard pieces of her favorite fabrics (whole cloth style) quilted by machine in a square pattern not fancy but functional. I used about 2.5 yards of fabric including binding. No photo because it was that quick.
   I finished piecing the inside part of the wedding quilt. Now I get to put it on the design wall and start sewing it together.
   The outer border may present a problem since I don't have enough of one of the fabrics bought for the Mystery From Hell Retreat, the circumstances were difficult not the pattern.
I may need to buy fabric and substitute. The plan is to continue looking for the fabric and if I don't find it by Tuesday, I will buy fabric. I know the fabric is with the other fabrics and pattern, but where that is I do not remember.
   We are still working on the fence and Lucy situation. Friday afternoon, Ama got out and it took Spirit and I half and hour to catch her so we definitely need that fence.
Well, I am off to hunt for fabric.
Lator Gators! Remember to keep making Lemonade for the Lemons life gives you.


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  1. Sorry I missed the post about the Mystery From Hell retreat. Very funny, made me laugh.