Monday, February 1, 2016

Design Wall Monday, February 1, 2016

Design Wall - February 1 - 7
 The APQ UFO Challenge number for the month of February is #5 which is the 2016 KS BOM otherwise known as the 'wedding' quilt. So I only have 1 UFO to complete this month.Someone in the universe is looking after me!
Goals for the week
Turned sideways

1. Sew together center and put border 1 on KS BOM - The main goal for this week/month is to finish this quilt.

Second Border
2. . Find fabric to complete Border 2 of KS BOM and begin piecing border- Secondary goal for week. It requires me to also work on #4, #6, and #10.
3. Sew blocks together to make another Geema 18 top as leader/enders. (on-going project for 2016)
4.Continue locating and cutting scraps into usable pieces. Big Go and dies have to go back to DD#1 next weekend.
5. Put binding on DD#1's quilt. Finish binding on Soccer Beauty. (TV project)
6. Sort thru boxes in studio for scraps, UFOs, and usable fabric, etc. Organize if possible.(on-going for February and March. I keep finding more hidden scraps and UFOs.)
7. Complete Block 6 of J&B BOM. (due on Saturday)
8. Make log cabin blocks - black & white for KS Bingo. (due in March)
9. Finish tying PJ's Sneakers. (Before 10am project)
10. Move one short bookcase from den to studio. (once I complete #2, #4, and #6.)
   If I get 1-5 done, it will be a great week! If I get all of my goals done by the end of February, then it will be a fantastic month. 


  1. The Wedding Quilt is beautiful. Good luck with all your monthly goals.

  2. Oh, tha quilt is amazing! And oh, what a list you have!