Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mid-week Progress 2/03/16

The Wedding quilt is going together quicker than I had thought it would. I changed out the piece that was accidently marked on and finished the applique. 2/3 of the center is together already and the whole should be done today.
 The missing fabric still has not been found and the whole Mystery from Hell pack is missing too. So today after DH's doctor appointment, I'll be going to J&B to find a suitable replacement.
  You know as I do that as soon as I buy fabric to do that last set of borders, I will find the missing fabric!
   As I have said before, making plans is useless. Wednesday, a very big black dog jumped into our backyard and was assaulting Lucy and Ama. Then had the nerve to growl at me. So DH and I spent the morning putting up the electric fence. We had to go to Tractor Supply to get more information. The fence worked and when the big dog came back, he got a big shock. He didn't come back today or last night.
  So my fabric trip had to wait until this afternoon. I found a piece that matched closely. I have already started piecing the second border. It starts with a nine patch. I have 15 done and 23 left to do. Then add triangles to each end. Slowly but surely it is getting done.
Lator Gators. I am tired and have to get up early tomorrow.

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