Saturday, February 20, 2016

Squirrel Syndrome or Quilter's ADDH

Well, the plan for Thursday was to make the J&B BOM block 6; work on Minion quilts; and to cut scraps.
  What actually happened was the cutting of scraps, working on KS Log Cabin blocks (3) with Geema threeies as leader/enders, auditioning border fabrics for girl Minion quilt, and buying of fabric. Quite honestly, I just didn't feel like sewing on the J&B BOM or the blue Minion quilts.
   I had to go to J&B to pay for backing for Wedding Quilt aka KS BOM and to get more white on white fabric to finish last two rounds of log cabin.
  While there, I looked at the naughty Minion fabric and had to buy a yard so why not buy the coordinating fabrics that also go with the Sponge Bob fabric. Kill two birds with one stone!
  Friday's plan was to finish KS Log Cabin blocks (3), kit J&B Block 6, cut 10" blocks of coordinating fabrics, and work on borders of 1st Minion quilt.
  Well I finished all KS Log Cabin blocks and put two borders on 1st Minion quilt. Still wasn't feeling J&B #6!  

DH full as a tick
  At 2pm we picked up Chris, GS #9, for our yearly birthday crawfish supper.
  We started this tradition when my baby brother was alive and while our group has grown and shrunk, it is still something Chris looks forward to yearly. 
4 buckets done
This year we ate crawfish for Roy, my baby brother who passed and Samantha, who moved to Tennessee where they don't eat crawfish.

1st Minion done.
  Saturday's plan is to cut and make block 6 and finish first Minion quilt.
  Lator Gators! I have to tackle J&B block 6 and cut more fabric.

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  1. I understand not feeling the quilt. That's why I have so many in my corner of my room.

    Stelly looks so funny stuffed to the gills with crawfish. We went to Laberge last night and Ate our fill of crawfish!

    I had to look at that naughty minion fabric. It's kind of cute but it is naughty!