Monday, March 28, 2016

Design Wall Monday March 29, 2016

  This is going to be a short week for piecing so at least half the list won't get done! 
  Thursday we have to get ready to drive to Shreveport to bowl in the Southern Association Bowling Tournament. We are leaving early Friday morning so that we can get my military ID updated and rest.
  Then on Saturday, DH bowls 6 games. I may bowl as a sub, but I plan on working on Soccer Beauty's binding and on QuiltAlbum, a new program for documenting quilts.
   Sunday, we bowl again and this time DH and I will each bowl 6 games. Three as double partners and three as singles.
Goals for 3/28/2016 to April 3, 2016
1. Complete interfacing t-shirts.
2. Complete square in a square blocks for Minion Quilt.
3. Pull background neutrals for Secret Guild project.
4.  Set up hand quilting frame in studio. It's still under the sofa in living room untouched!
5. Get ID card renewed. (Friday)
6. Put pictures and information into QuiltAlbum (Saturday) and make business cards. (Saturday & Sunday) Hopefully I can print cards on Monday.
7. Finish binding on Soccer Beauty. (Saturday)
8. Bowl well in Southern Bowling Tournament. (Saturday & Sunday)
9. Finish tying PJ's basketballs.
 10. Go thru one box and put items in correct place.
11. Play with new Cricut Air. They have sent me lots of tutorials to view and try.
12. Work on 2 reverse standing Bunnies.

Update on Goals for 3/21/2016 to 3/27/2016
1. Clean studio! It looks like a tornado hit. I don't know if you call it cleaning but the mess is stored out of site. I plan on bringing it out 1 box at a time.
2. Interface t-shirts and begin shadow boxes. I have 15 t-shirts interfaced.
3. Make Minion Top for DD#1 I put on the first of the borders and started making square in a square blocks for the next.
4. Work on 1 reverse standing Bunnies for Easter Table Runner & 2 Bunnies (1 of each type) for Placemats- Scrappy Rabbits w/ Scrappy Eggs. 
5. Set up hand quilting frame in studio.
6. Work on Secret Guild project.
7. Play with new Cricut Air. I did make the telephone card. Fun Fun Fun!
8.  Kit J&B Block 8.
9. Finish binding on Soccer Beauty.
10.  Finish tying PJ's Sneakers 

Poor Spirit!
  DH sometimes doesn't see 'the tree for the forest.' He is becoming more stubborn and slower in his thinking process as he gets older. It drives me to distraction and stresses the hell out of me!
  For example, using the spare on the truck to fix the flat. The spare is brand new, so it makes logical sense to put it on in place of the flat tire and then drive the truck to get flat fixed. This does not compute with him. For some odd reason, he is totally against that spare. He also doesn't understand why I won't drive his car and want my truck right now!
  My getting upset with him just gets my bowels in a bind. Then he lectures me on getting upset. Today I am feeling the effects of the stress from  dealing with the flat which still isn't fixedGood thing I love my DH so very much otherwise I would have committed murder a long time ago!
Lator Gators! Have a great week.

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  1. My goodness. I definitely leave the tires and their ails up to my DH. Good luck in the bowling tourney. Doing some handwork will be good therapy.