Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Thursday Morning

Outside my window ...dampness, doves, and wind!
I am listening to...the wind blow and the doves call.
I really enjoy...writing my thoughts down in this blog. It is like having a diary or journal that I can go back to and see my progress.
I am wondering...if I will be able to get the Wedding Quilt appraised at the GSQ show. If not then I hope there will be an appraiser at the KS Quilt Show. DGDIL will need the appraisal for insurance purposes.
One of my favorite things...hugs and kisses from my grandsons. #9 gives the best but #8's & #10's are pretty special too. The first 7 are iffy with their hugs and kisses. They are too old to be lovey, dovey in public -always looking to see who is watching and disapproving. However, my granddaughters and great granddaughters give the bestest hugs!
I am looking forward to...Paducah trip especially the Tennessee visit.
I am planning...on buying something quilty maybe even something I have coveted for a long time.
I find Leeapaul's bag for the trip to Paducah. We decided to go in the truck this first trip so that we can learn the route. Next trip we will go in the camper. We may even extend that trip to include the Missouri Star Company.
I am going... to enjoy life as much as I can b/c getting upset only causes my health problems to flare up like they are now. My doctor and DH keep telling me not to get upset about situations I can't control b/c it is shortening my life span, is my nature. Serenity prayer repeated continuously helps.
I am thinking...that my life is bipolar. Super high one day and bottomed out the next which may be why I tend to stay to myself as much as possible.
I am trying to remember...where the bowling alley is in Shreveport. As for the one in Bossier, hopefully the GPS can find it!

I am super thankful...for my sweet DH. Luke 6:37-41 and John 8:2-11 are his laws to live by. I try hard to follow his example and fail often. Thank goodness Jesus forgives our failings so easily and sent DH to help me learn to live these passages. DH is going to have to live at least 20 years longer to accomplish that mission.
I am have a peaceful trip this weekend with no accidents or truck trouble. Also hoping we both bowl super well and get some money back.
I am sorry...that I still can't call people who haven't sent their numbers to me since my other phone died.
      Just thoughts and wonderings on a damp Thursday Morning


  1. have a fantastic and safe trip. Live the joy and forget the worries! hugs to Stelly! And Circles for you!