Sunday, March 27, 2016


Means “conspicuous, easily seen or recognized.” from Carrie Nelson of Moda Cutting Table.

DGS#2, Lance, and his new bride Tab
   Saturday was the day that DGS#2 and Tab got married. It was a beautiful wedding and their love for each other kenspeckled the day. In the background, DD#1s other 2 are clowning.
3 of my girls
  Three of my beautiful daughters were at the wedding. DD#1, DD#2, and DD#3 all dressed in a form of navy. Aren't we kenspeckling as a group?  DD#4 couldn't make the wedding since she works on Saturday.
DH & DGD#5
  DH and DGD#5 were dressed to the nines. Spirit, DGD#5, usually has her hair down and wild. She was kenspeckle with her grownup braids. DH is always handsome in his own country way but when he puts a suit on, he goes from old broke country to grand gentleman in a blink. I do so love both sides of my man! My love for him is beyond words as is his love for me.
Brian, Dee, Gabe (DGS#3)

Chris, Alexis, Bryan
Lance, Gavin, Donovan
My DGC were very easily seen and recognized! They are cute all dressed up.
   My one regret is that I didn't get a picture of all 8 that were there together.
Even I was kenspeckling b/c dressing upscale is not my style. Neither is drinking but thanks to Tab's aunt's encouragement, I enjoyed some wonderful red wine. Too many glasses of it to be honest, but I wasn't driving. Not enough to be drunk but enough to be looser than normal. I even got to put a sweet baby to sleep. So much hair on that child. I didn't get a picture of her either but I think they did.

 Considering this adventure started with a very flat tire on my truck, it turned out wonderfully. We had to go in DHs car which I will not drive if at all possible. His brakes are too soft for my taste and the crown vic is too low. I like to be high which is why I drive a large truck. His car is a beautiful and he keeps it in better shape than my truck, but I do not like driving it and never have. But I know the value of a beautiful riding vehicle.
  I can't wait until all the pictures come to light so I can show you more.
  Lator Gators! By the way, happy Easter from all of my blended family.



  1. Beautiful family, beautiful day! Kenspeckled -- I'm going to remember that one. I know what you mean about riding low - hate my husband's Volvo, feels like riding in a bathtub. Love siting high and upright in my van.

  2. Everyone was so beautiful. And yes, Stelly cuts a handsome picture in that suit. Don't you love a man in "uniform"?

    1. I have pictures of him in his uniform as young man and one when I bet him he couldn't get back in it before we got married. Thought it was a no lose bet since he only had a month to do it but I lost even though I got a Major to inspect him.