Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Wednesday Morning

Outside my window ...the birds are back to singing together again
I am thinking...I need to get rid of this cold before the wedding on Saturday.
I am thankful...for my understanding and loving husband.
I am trying to to print business cards.

I am listening to...Lilly and Me-new snore.
I am going... to Paducah and Clarksville on the 23rd of April. We will leave on the 19th so should get to Clarksville on the 21st. (I drive slow and make many stops especially for fabric.) That would give us at least 2 days for visiting. DGD#2 and DGGDs #1&#2 will be invited to go to quilt show as part of visit. We would leave on the 24th and be home by Monday for bowling. That's the plan for now!
I am hoping...this cold goes away.
I am looking forward to... the wedding of my DGS#2.
One of my favorite things... hot coffee with creamer.
I am wondering... if I will get to meet some of the wonderful bloggers/piecers  on this trip.
I need...start planning this trip. Do we want to drive the camper or do we want to drive my truck? There are pros and cons for both.
I am sorry... that I still can't call/text some of my friends b/c they haven't sent their numbers when my phone died unexpectedly.
                         Just thoughts and wonderings


  1. Wow, how exciting! Paducah! Drive carefully and love every minute! I love that crawfish picture! (You have another cold????????)

  2. wow Paducah sounds like fun. I hope your cold goes away and you enjoy the wedding and the trip.

  3. I'm thinking of going to Paducah for a day so let me know exactly when you'll be there.

  4. You are coming visit!! Will love to be able to spend time with you!